By far the most friendly and down to earth studio I have ever visited. The teachers and classmates are all so kind and welcoming. I find it refreshing that the focus here is not only to strengthen your body, but also practicing yoga to connect your mind body and spirit. Practicing with this amazing group of yogis has completely changed me for the better. I recommend it 200%. 

I love Lauren’s classes!  For the whole day and several days after class, I feel energized, centered, more flexible and better aligned.  Lauren instructs in a way to encourage exploration of the minute details that give each posture their integrity.  She also gives many options for each posture including the use of props. In this way, I can show up with however I am feeling that day and be both challenged to try the most extreme version of a posture or another version that feels better to my body that day.  I have taken her classes both at my prime and 8 months pregnant and felt supported and challenged. As an athlete and massage therapist, Lauren’s understanding of the human body is a gift to her students. I always feel safely support to try new postures without hurting myself with her guidance.  Lastly her love of her community and passion for yoga shines through in each class and inspires me to keep coming back.  

Radiant Yoga is a supportive community that will meet you where you are and provide teachers with expertise and knowledge of both the physical and spiritual parts of the yoga experience. I love that classes are smaller, I am getting the best instruction to meet me where I am at and I don't feel invisible. There are classes available for both expert yogis and those who are beginning their yoga journey and are hoping to learn and explore all the benefits that yoga can provide.

Lauren Eisenberg Wallace is a phenomenal yoga teacher. With a combination of deep intuition and a profound wealth of knowledge, she understands how to gently coax the body into healing and rejuvenating itself. I have studied with Lauren for several years, and every class with her feels like the first class, where I come away with a new perspective and the bliss of being stretched into complete relaxation. She is able to tailor classes to every skill level and finds the perfect balance between ease and effort, in which you are challenged but only in ways that serve your body, not injure it. Her eye for alignment is like no other yoga teacher; she is not there to contort you but to find that honest edge in which your body opens naturally. She offers wisdom in a down-to-earth, common-sense way; like her yoga teaching, it finds its way gently into your consciousness without pushing. My class with Lauren is a high point of my week; I look forward to it and would not miss it! 

After practicing for more than 20 years, it is refreshing to find a studio that is full of joy, warmth, and a welcoming atmosphere. Radiant Yoga is a hub of amazing teachers, Each teacher has such a love for yoga and I learn a lot in every class. I love being able to practice at my pace and have the teachers make suggestions just for me. The students are all friendly and relaxed, and the space is gorgeous. It feels like I am taking a break from the hustle of my day, and stepping into an oasis of rejuvenation. Radiant Yoga is a wonderful studio, a gem in our community. 

Lauren is one of the few yoga teachers, out of the many I've met, that truly understands the heart of yoga. I think she is able to communicate yogic philosophy so well with her students because she quite obviously lives it in her daily life. She is especially adept at helping students attain the mental clarity and focus that comes with earnest practice and a bit of expert guidance. Her classes are always enjoyable and at the same time build up heat and make you sweat. I always leave her classes feeling better than before and also more peaceful and happy. A fantastic teacher for yogis of all ages and abilities!

I visited this yoga studio a couple times while on vacation from the east coast. Great, low key atmosphere and an energetic yoga class in the hatha style.  Classes are not too terribly crowded. Also, no mat rental fees! Worth checking out if you are in the Milwaukie area.

Such a gem in deep SE! Great warm vibe, truly welcoming and nourishing place to start or continue your practice.

This is an amazing studio, Lauren and her team are unbelievable! I highly recommend and encourage anyone at any level to just try. Yoga can change your life in so many ways and these ladies will hold your hand and guide you however you need it. I couldn't be more excited to have them in the neighborhood!

I love this place!!! Lauren has created a very welcoming environment full of amazing energy. All of the classes I have had the pleasure of taking so far are very intuitive and have a beautiful, natural flow and progression.  And the time offerings are perfect for a working mom like me. Thank you for creating such a lovely space!!!

I came to this studio for my very first yoga session. It was amazing! Lauren is wonderful! I signed up for a membership. I just feel so calm and relaxed. It's exactly what I need.

Every instructor I have taken a class from at Radiant really understands the importance of creating a strong connection between mind and body.  I always leave class feeling more calm and grounded than when I showed up- and it has a lasting effect on my day! Lauren is such a powerful and intuitive healer and her energy is apparent from the beautiful space to the amazing team of instructors on staff.  Radiant Yoga is a peaceful and safe space to just be, no matter what kind of day you are having. I want to go back just talking about it!

This is probably one of the best Yoga Studios I've ever been to! It has some of the best teachers I've ever experienced and Lauren (LoLo) the owner is creating an amazing community!  I love the variety, quality and times of the classes! I highly recommend this peaceful place!

I have known Lauren for years, and I have always marveled at her depth of wisdom in the area of body movement and healing, and at her profound understanding of the connection of body and spirit.  She will enable you and empower you to find space within yourself to allow for healing of mind, body, and soul throughout your yoga experience.

I love the classes and teachers at this studio! The teachers are so SO amazing. The classes range from very challenging to slow and restful. I like being able to pick a class that meets my needs. The  studio is gorgeous. Walking into Radiant Yoga feels like an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of life. I always leave feeling ten times better than when I came. And I love the community! I've made some new friends. Everyone is nice and caring, it is truly a gem of a studio. So glad I found this yoga studio! I look forward to my class every day. Thank you Radiant Yoga!

So so many amazing teachers and a great space! I feel amazing and grateful every time I come. I always feel challenged and supported to do what feels right for my body that day. Definitely coming back!

This yoga studio has a wide variety of classes and the most amazing teachers!

Lauren and her yoga studio has brought so much peace, strength and mindfulness to my work week. She is knowledgeable, attentive and attuned to our needs and brings the most vibrant, compassionate presence to each class. I cherish my lunch hours practicing yoga with her!

Radian Yoga is warm, welcoming and a beautiful place to practice yoga. The teachers are experienced, grounded and compassionate. This is the place for any one thinking about trying yoga and for those already well established.

Radiant Yoga is my new favorite place! The owner Lauren is so full of amazing energy, and has created a very special space to practice yoga. It is very evident that she has dumped her heart and soul into this studio. I have attended quite a few class with various instructors, and every class has been absolutely lovely. There is a great variety of styles and time offerings, which has allowed me to reestablish my practice. Thank you Lauren for bringing this space to Milwaukie!

Radiant is a lovely place to practice. There is a great variety of classes, really something for everyone. The ambiance is lovely, great tea selection and a welcoming community.

I have been a member since they opened on 9/4/2018. The instructors are fabulous and tend to your every need. I recommend any and all classes! The mediation class on Tuesday mornings is the best way to start the day! Namaste.

Such a beautiful oasis in the heart of the business district of Milwaukie. I can personal vouch for Lauren who can tap into everyone's innate ability to calm their body & mind. Every class with her has left me in a relaxed state of bliss. I look forward to trying out all of her trusted teachers. So happy to have this sanctuary close to home!

Radiant Yoga is an inviting space to practice yoga, with thoughtful and caring teachers. A compassionate and encouraging environment that yields strength and peace in both mind and body. I am so grateful to have found Lauren who so courageously created, and teaches in, this new space.

This space has such a warm, inviting feeling! I signed up for the $25 intro and had a wonderful time in Lauren's classes...her teaching is so accessible and incredibly well informed...I'm sending my husband to her as part of his physical therapy for a back injury. If there were 6 stars available I would give them without reservation. This place feels like another home!

Amazing space, and even more amazing instructors. The owner Lauren is one of a kind.

I met Lauren and her studio just over a month ago and am overwhelmed with her spirit, insight and instruction. She is amazing and her studio is a rare, special place. Yoga can be life-changing, yet you have to find the right experience. This. Is. It.

Wonderful studio! Great for beginners and advanced practices. Instructors are super  knowledgeable. Highly recommend.