Welcome! We have many options for pricing, from auto-pay memberships to class cards. Each option is designed to meet your needs.  If you have any questions about which option is best for you, please email radiantyogashala@gmail.com and we will be happy to help. 

New Student Special:  $25 for 2 weeks unlimited yoga!

Drop in /One Class : $12


Autopay memberships

Memberships require an initial agreement/contract of 6 months; no cancellations, extensions, or suspensions. They offer the best deal on class prices!

$38/month ($9.50/class)

4 group yoga classes/month


$54/month ($9.00/class)

6 group classes/month



Unlimited group classes/month



$840/year : This is a one year contract/agreement with no extensions, suspensions, cancellations.

Unlimited group Classes

Student can pay in full

Students can pay monthly $70/month





Class Cards

5 class $55 

6 week expiration/no extensions or suspensions


10 class $105

3 month expiration/no extensions or suspensions


20 class $200

6 month expiration/no extensions or suspensions


One month unlimited yoga $90 (no auto pay/contract)




Seniors(65+)/Students (Full Time)

20% off any auto pay membership/same contract applies 

20% off class cards & drop in; 10% off workshops.



Community Yoga Classes offered Each Week at Radiant!

Community Hatha Flow is a donation based class. All of our community classes are taught by experienced instructors, as part of a program to offer quality yoga at a sliding scale. $5-$12 is the suggested donation for class. Community classes are for all levels. Simply show up and enjoy!

(Members and students who already have class cards can also register for any community classes).