Eva Tseng

Eva grew up on the island of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Her yoga journey began there in 2008 when she attended her first hot class and it was love at first sweat!

Having a steady practice in multiple yoga styles and reveling in positive transformations and effects from her practice, Eva decided to pursue her teaching certification.

She believes in perpetual growth through yoga practice: spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Her classes focus on cultivating a connection between breath, body, and mind.

She enjoys guiding students through intentional movement in the pursuit of a deeper awareness in each posture.

She encourages students to listen to their bodies and honor their own individual practice.

Eva strives to create a playful and safe environment that caters to all levels and interests.

Through creative sequence, healthy alignment of the body, and meditation, her ultimate goal is to leave students with a deeper connection to their true selves, aiming for harmony, balance, and wellness off the mat.