Where can I park?

Parking is easy and plentiful at Milwaukie Business Park. Park in any unmarked spot!

There are a handful of unmarked (un-numbered) spots very close to the studio’s door, however if you are able to walk a few short steps we ask that you choose a spot around the corner where parking is plentiful. That way our neighbors, and their businesses, have some unmarked spots available for their use too.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient healing modality offering tools of self-care to feel your very best, no matter what your circumstance. Anyone can practice Yoga.

I am brand new to Yoga. What can I expect at my first class at Radiant Yoga?

A very relaxing and stress free experience!

Our team of teachers are awesome humans. They will welcome you to the studio, and show you around ~ helping you get set up with what you will need for class.  

Our teachers can answer your questions and concerns. The utmost care will be given before, during, and after class to make sure your experience is safe, inviting, and meets you where you are at.

If you have more specific questions you can email Radiant Yoga  radiantyogashala@gmail.com.

Can I take a Yoga class if I do not regularly exercise?


Yoga is about meeting yourself exactly where you are at.  Our Instructors will help you modify poses, and encourage resting throughout each class. Having a positive experience is number one.

Yoga is the perfect way to tune into your body, mind, and spirit to start making the changes you wish to see in your life. The therapeutic applications that yoga offers are endless. This practice is perfect even if you have never exercised one day in your entire life.

We are excited to meet you where you are at and safely guide you to feeling better at a pace that works for you. Each class at Radiant Yoga is designed to meet the needs of all our students, so everyone feels welcome.  

 What should I wear and bring?

Dress for comfort and to your own taste.  The owner of Radiant Yoga is a fan of wearing her oldest, most comfortable and worn out  t-shirts & sweatpants to practice in. Wearing layers is always helpful to stay warm, or cool down.

You really don’t need to bring anything but yourself! We have mats available to borrow, and mugs to make tea or drink filtered water. We have all the props you will need to practice. Simply show up exactly as you are.

 Do I need to be flexible to practice Yoga?

Absolutely not. In fact, not being flexible is actually a gift! You can more easily feel where the stretch is happening and are less likely to over do it. Increased flexibility is one of the benefits a regular yoga practice will provide, but each individual has limitations for various reasons.

Our Radiant team will  provide skilled guidance for students of varying degrees of flexibility, mobility, and strength offering many options to meet you where you are at. Regardless of how flexible you are, you will quickly learn that Yoga is about so much more than whether or not you can touch your toes. In fact the goal is not to touch your toes, but to enjoy the process of moving your body in healthy ways and to tune in to feeling your very best.

Do I need to buy my own mat?

No. At Radiant Yoga we have mats to borrow, with towels and mat cleaner to use before and after your class. However, if you do start practicing more regularly, it is really nice to have your own mat! We have a variety of mats to suit your needs at the studio for sale.

How Often Should I practice?

This is truly up to you! A great goal in the beginning is to make one class a week, to truly give yourself a chance to feel the cumulative benefits of this therapeutic and healing practice,

Then, you can build from there depending on what your needs and goals are. Quite often, when you commit to one time a week and start feeling better you will want to practice a little bit more. Maybe 6 times a month is your new goal. Or perhaps you are able to come 2-3 times a week!

Some students practice 5 days a week. No matter what you decide, there is no right or wrong with how often you “should” practice. There is no  “should” in yoga. Even taking one class might offer the transformation you are seeking. We support you on your journey.

Can I eat before yoga?

Eat a fuel-filled snack, such as a banana smeared with almond butter, about one hour before class to boost your energy. Try not to eat food  on your way to class. We promise this will hurt your stomach and make you not want to do yoga.

How early should I arrive?

Doors open 20 minutes before each class, leaving ample time to settle in and start class feeling relaxed and not rushed.

Will the door be locked if I am late to class?

For our safety we will be locking the door about 15 minutes after class starts.  If you know you are going to be later than that, or got stuck in traffic don’t worry. No stress. Simply knock on the door and we will be happy to let you in.

What if I have to leave early?

No problem! Simply let the instructor know beforehand and feel free to leave when you need to. We are happy you made it to class, for however long you are able to. Expect some friendly goodbyes when you pack up to leave.

How do I see the class schedule, who is teaching, and register for class?

Simply click right here: Class Schedule

What is the cancellation policy for a class I signed up for?

Radiant Yoga is a small studio, with excellent teachers! So, we often have wait lists for our classes. The cancellation policy is enforced to do our best to support the students, teachers, and the studio.

Online class reservations may be canceled up to 12 hours before class without penalty.

Late Cancellations & No-shows will be charged the full drop-in rate or a deduction from your series class pass will be taken.

Radiant Yoga unlimited members will be charged the full drop-in rate for no-shows.

This cancellation policy applies to the unlimited New Student Special pass.

When you Register for classes at Radiant Yoga you are agreeing to these terms:

Drop in class, class packages, & auto pay memberships are non-refundable.

Auto Pay memberships: Memberships are contracts, and they require an initial agreement/contract of 6  or 12 months depending on the membership you choose. There are no cancellations, extensions, or suspensions. 

There are no cancellations, extensions, or suspensions for: Class Cards, New Student Special,  Drop In Class, or One Month Unlimited Yoga.

Workshops cancelled by the studio will be refunded in full to the original form of payment or credited to your Radiant Yoga account if you choose.

Workshops cancelled by the student 7 days before scheduled event will be refunded in full minus a $10 transaction fee. Cancellations up to 72 hours before workshop will be refunded by 50% minus a $10 transaction fee.

There will be no refunds, or credits issued if student cancels with less than 72 hours before scheduled workshop.

Merchandise purchased at Radiant Yoga is non-refundable. All sales are final.

All returned checks will be charged a $30.00 processing fee.