Heather Day-Melgar

Heather came to the physical practice of yoga through athleticism and a fondness for Sanskrit and Ganesh, but stuck with the practice because of the inner transformation that she had not anticipated. She believes the practice of yoga through asana practice is a continuous unfolding of the higher self.

Heather believes that when we live in such a wild and unpredictable world, coming to the mat over and over is of utmost importance for sacred balance and self reflection, as all change starts within, and radiates out into the world.

She is interested in the science of yoga changing neurochemistry to reduce anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD, as well as to increase immunity, and heal maladaptive responses and patterns in our everyday lives.

She received her 200 hour certification with Allison Duckworth, and has completed extra hours of advance asana training with local Portland instructors.  She has taught yoga at several different locations, and has offered yoga to domestic violence survivors through the Om Thrive organization.

She also holds sacred space for occasional New Moon and Full Moon flow classes.

Heather has a BA in psychology, and has been a social worker for several years, as well as extra education in holistic nutrition, herbalism, astrology, and environmental science. Heather lives in Portland with her partner and 2 kids, enjoys cooking, photography, hiking the PNW, and nature.