Founder & Owner of Radiant Yoga

Founder & Owner of Radiant Yoga

Lauren Eisenberg Wallace is a phenomenal yoga teacher. With a combination of deep intuition and a profound wealth of knowledge, she understands how to gently coax the body into healing and rejuvenating itself.

I have studied with Lauren for several years, and every class with her feels like the first class, where I come away with a new perspective and the bliss of being stretched into complete relaxation.

She is able to tailor classes to every skill level and finds the perfect balance between ease and effort, in which you are challenged but only in ways that serve your body, not injure it.

Her eye for alignment is like no other yoga teacher; she is not there to contort you but to find that honest edge in which your body opens naturally.

She offers wisdom in a down-to-earth, common-sense way; like her yoga teaching, it finds its way gently into your consciousness without pushing.

My class with Lauren is a high point of my week; I look forward to it and would not miss it!

Lauren Eisenberg Wallace

A 500 hour Experienced Registered Yoga Alliance Instructor, founder and owner of Radiant Yoga, and proud co-founder and co-owner of Radiant Light yoga School, Lauren Eisenberg Wallace brings over 25 years of unbound enthusiasm, experience, and education to her career.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Movement Science with a double major in Biology from the University of Oregon in 1999. After college, Lauren became a certified Personal Trainer, and quickly realized how much she loved seeing her clients feel better.

In 2002, Lauren earned her Massage Therapy License from the East West School of Healing Arts and has practiced for the past 17 years in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2009 she opened her Private Yoga Therapy Practice; as well as became an advisor on bringing Yoga into the workplace, setting up numerous programs throughout the Portland Metro Area.

Lauren is an International Yoga Retreat Leader, a Yoga Teacher Training Instructor, and a Mentor to her teachers and students.

She continues her extensive studies in anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, and neuroscience and weaves the science of yoga seamlessly into the art yoga. Her life’s work is about teaching others the power and potential of healing one’s own body ~ linking to the inner wisdom that guides us all.

Lauren lives her yoga, committed to the daily studying of yoga philosophy, asana practice, meditation, and conscious living.

From a very young age, Lauren has loved being active. She excelled in sports and became enamored with singing, dancing, and performing.  Her love for the outdoors grew tenfold when she moved to the PNW at age 18. Early adulthood was spent hiking, camping, running marathons, lifting weights, swimming & continuing to pursue performing.  

The common thread for Lauren was always the connection between mind and body. By her early 20’s, Lauren’s health began to seriously decline. It became a reality that recovery was going to be her daily life and challenge.

Throughout all of her health challenges, she never stopped practicing yoga. Whether at the hospital, home in bed, or on the mat, she realized that Yoga can be practiced anytime, anywhere, in any condition.

Yoga is one of the greatest gifts in her life. She is in awe of how transformative, healing, and life changing this practice is. Lauren believes that Yoga is a sustainable self-care tool  that is accessible to all.

Known for her deeply intuitive, healing, and powerful classes Lauren brings such a joy for living each and every moment into all her class. She utilizes her skill set as a massage therapist, yoga therapist, and a lifetime student of yoga to truly transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. She is a healer, a teacher, and guide who will support you on your journey to well being.

Radiant Yoga is an offering from her heart. A heart filled with gratitude for the love and endless support of her family, friends, and Radiant Yoga Community.

Lauren has enjoyed studying Yoga  with Tracey Rich & Ganga White, Michael Stone, Max Strom, Nicki Doane & Eddie Modestini, Tias Little, Denise Payne, Tiffany Cruikshank, & Amy Armstrong. She continues her studies with the many amazing & gifted teachers in her community, and enjoys traveling to study as well.