Nicole is a 200 hr Yoga Alliance registered teacher. She first came to yoga in 2007 after years of competitive sports play, digestive disorders, and struggles with anxiety had left her worn out and longing deeper connection. The practice transformed her life in meaningful ways and has been an integral part of her journey ever since.

Her love for yoga stems from a life-long passion for intuitive movement and creative self-expression, as well as the desire to always continue learning and growing as a human being. She is grateful for how yoga, through mind-body awareness, fosters a deep sense of peace and connection, shining a light on our innate wisdom.

Nicole draws inspiration from classical Hatha and Vinyasa, as well as Forrest Yoga and other authentic movement practices. Her teaching focuses on how to feel into your body’s alignment while seeking to build strength and cultivate balance in each pose. Tapping into a sense of lightheartedness, while also challenging students to explore the unknown, she hopes to inspire students on their personal journey toward integrating mind, body, spirit.

Nicole completed her yoga teacher training in 2016 at Bloom Yoga Studio in Chicago, and most recently completed a Yoga Body Workers training summer of 2017.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a Master of Science in Public Service Management. Her previous work focused on community food systems development and community-based public health initiatives.

Outside of the studio you will most likely find her dancing or hooping to music, venturing outdoors, reading philosophy or poetry aloud, studying anatomy-physiology, or playing hide and seek with her cat, Nanichi.